New leads and record!

May 2018

Howdy all! How are yall doing? We here in the RFATF camp are doing great! We have some gigs lined up, no dates set yet but it's something! I know that we have said the new record are on the way but we have been busy dogging groupies and the IRC ;-) Kidding aside, it's time to buckle down and record this unholy thing! Be ready, soon it will drop! Cheers to all the wonderful Failers out there!


April 2018

RFATF have done some lineup changes! Fadi and Vasse is not longer a part of RFATF. The reason for this is some musical differences. We are obviously sad by this but we wish the guys the best of luck in the future. /RFATF

Can we believe you?

Mars 2018

Whining a bit here now but don't promise something that you all ready know wont be the truth. How dumb do you think we are? Time will tell if you are a doucbag or not and we have met a few over time. Dont be that guy! If you like our music, then tell us, dont make promises that you dont have any attention to keep. /RFATF

Radio Siberia FM

December 2017

Our own mr. Rob "Ivan M" Farley have been on a little bit of an vacation to Basque, Spain and have been interviewed by the guys at Siberia FM.

Rob Farley and The Failers - RFATF, Eskilstuna, Sweden, 2014 - 2018