October 2017

RFATF are very, very stoked! Why you may ask? Because our new songs kicks us in the ass and probably will kick yours as well! The song writing on the next and third RFATF album is going as i wrote, kick ass! Cheers for now



October 2017

Do you want to go to the suburb of Eskilstuna to see RFATF live? Well here's your chance! This friday, 6/10, 19:00 live at Höstrusket, Solvik, Torshälla.


New live date!

September 2017

Yes oh yes, RFATF live once again at Ölkultur.

This time it will be Saturday 18 of November. As usual, no entry fee, but you can always donate to the band if you wish.


Gigbooker and new tunes....

September 2017

RFATF are still looking for a person that maybe wants to book and promote shows. Drop us a mail! In the camp RFATF are hard at work of maiking new songs. Cheers.


Rockande kocken!

August 2017

Kolla in en välskriven och intressant blogg om rock 'n roll som en vän till RFATF skriver, Tobbe, Den Rockande Kocken!

Rob Farley and The Failers - RFATF, Eskilstuna, Sweden, 2014 - 2017