A bit easier!

Feb 2017

Ok, all you Failers out there, we have made it a bit easier for yall to listen to the new album! Check out the media section!


IT'S HERE! The new album from RFATF!

Feb 2017

Yes, yes, Colaborando is here and it's free for download! Listen and share it around, as much as you can! Check out the media section! Cheers from all of us in RFATF!!!!



Feb 2017

RFaTF would like thank everyone we met under

this weekend in Örebro and Karlskoga. Thanks to Rockbar, staff and audience, Black River Promotion. Cheers!


Rockbar, Örebro & Karlskoga, 3-4/2!

Jan 2017

Yes, your hereos are of to Örebro & Karlskoga to jam in pure RFATF style! Link.


Dark Times Ahead! New singel, OUT NOW!

Jan 2017

The first release from the upcoming new RFATF

album, Colaborando, due spring of 2017, Dark Times Ahead. Check out our Youtube channel,


Sneakpeak & studio!

Jan 2017

Check this out! A sneakpeak of a brand new RFATF track! Enjoy!


Updates & studio!

Dec 2016

Sorry for the lack of updates, but here is one!

We are at this moment recording all new RFATF hits! When will it be done you might ask? Sometimes in the spring of 2017! Good times!


Thanks to Hedemora Out 'n Loud!!

Okt 2016

A big thanks to evertone that came and

made RFATF's afternoon! Cheers!


RFaTF & Charta 77, Hedemora Out & Loud!

Okt 2016

Yes, some Failers will play in Hedemora at the

Out & Load show alongside with the great swedish band, Charta 77. It's 22 oct if you are in the neighbourhood! Stay frosty!


Eskilstuna & Flygarn!

Sep 2016

Yes, all the Failers will play in Eskilstuna! This time in a new started factory club called Flygarn.

Saturday oct 1. Tickets at 40 skr and 18 years and over to get in. More can be info here.


Anyone up for some pizza?

July 2016

We are going to play at Julita Pizza Venezia,

Saturday 27 aug. To get in, 60 sek!



Rob Farley and The Failers - RFATF, Eskilstuna, Sweden, 2014 - 2017